The Ergonomic Touchpad: Free Yourseflf from the Routine: The latest in Economy of Motion


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In stock, Usually ships the next day, Questions Contact The ergo touchpads work with most tablets and androids with USB ports but there are so many new tablets on the market that the only way to know for sure is to plug in a usb mouse and if that works our touchpad should also work. Plug in the USB and a cursor appears so you can use either the cursor or the touchscreen combining both for maximum comfort and efficiency. Control the tablet from a distance. Use it on your desk, in cars, kitchens, right and left tap, scroll and much more.

[See how easy it is to use the Ergonomic Touchpad with your Windows Tablet or Android Tablet]

The Reverse Touchpad easily attaches to the back of your tablet with sticker velcro and reverses the normal movements of the touchpad so you can control the cursor naturally. Plug in the shorter 12 inch USB cord and a cursor appears and now you can use the hand gestures on the touchscreen or the touchpad. You will be amazed at how easy it is to scroll, drop into search bars, select icons and much more. Control the cursor without even moving your arm.

[See how easy it is to use the Reverse Touchpad with your Windows Tablet or Android Tablet]