The Ergonomic Touchpad: Free Yourseflf from the Routine: The latest in Economy of Motion

The Ergonomic Touchpad - Place it above the number keys and control your computer without even moving your hand from the typing position!

Only $29.95 - Find Out More! Fast Easy & Fun, Small, Thin, Water Resistant, & Durable, used in homes, offices, autos, industrial workshops, even by the US Navy on nuclear submarines! Supports Windows 8 gestures.
Does everything your mouse does and more.

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The Ergo touchpad is a USB multi touch laptop trackpad. Automatically works by plugging in USB $29, The worlds most versatile touchpad mouse! Although similar to the cirque cat touchpad, Apple magic trackpad, and bamboo touchpad, the ergotouchpad has no bulky housing, it is all pad and fits in places others won't. The velcro back keeps it thin and easily attachable to a thousand different locations for a million different uses. Components like keyboard clips, the remote control, and stylus make it fit seamlessly into your fast paced ergonomic lifestyle. Ergo Touchpad is truly the Magic Trackpad for PC. Plug it in and it works in seconds or download our FREE control center driver and fine tune sensitivity with speed, acceleration, gestures and much more. Glide point technology combined with ergonomic freedom!