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ETPA Ergonomic Touchpad

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The standard Ergo touchpad ETP001ETP is our most popular and number one seller you can't beat it for value and performance. If you have a little more space the Extra Large Touchpad is our number two seller with the benefit that you have more room to swipe your finger for longer cursor movements.

"The Ergo TouchPad is THE ANSWER! It's small, super ergonomic, does the job well and stylish. I will never go back to conventional mice EVER AGAIN!......."

- All the best! Rob

"My order arrived today! Plugged it in and starting using it. Very intuitive and comfortable 'this would make a great gift for any computer user'! Fun to use and can place it anywhere......."

- Jens

"Plastering the little touchpad on the front my keyboard has saved me soooooooooooo much time I wasted reaching for the mouse......."

- Thank you Patricia

  • Questions Contact Phone 212-677-2235

  • USB Wired Thin, Super Stable, Secure, Robust, Water Resistant and Reliable 6 foot USB Cable, Only Touchpad Used by US Navy on Submarines

  • PC Multi Touch Gestures by Downloading Free Software, Gestures, 8 Scrolling Options, Speed, Acceleration, Programmable Corner Zone, Programmable Gestures and More, (PLEASE NOTE 2 FINGER SCROLLING AND PANNING IS USUALLY NOT AS ACCURATE OR FAST AS DRAGGING UP AND DOWN ON THE SIDE OF THE TOUCHPAD OR SIDE TO SIDE ON THE BOTTOM WITH ONE FINGER)

  • Offices, Schools, Restaurant Kitchens, Automobiles, Workshops, Military, Hospitals, Kiosks, Hotels, Online Gambling, Ethernet USB repeaters cat 5 cat 6

  • Low profile Ergonomic Design Helpful for People with Disabilities, Tendinitis, R.S.I. Repetitive Stress Injury, Accident Victims and Recommended by Physical Therapists

"I just want to say thanks for this great product! I am a translator and a writer and I have been diagnosed for tendonitis due to the RSI for 2 years now. I use your touchpad with Advantage Kinesis keyboard. Now I do not have to move my arms from the keyboard at all to reach for the mouse and finally the pain is gone!!!!! Thank you again and may you have a lot of happiness in your life."

- Stewart Anderson




Plug-n-Play PC, Mac, Apple, Linux, and Some Tablets, Five Easy Functions

Tap in the upper right hand corner for right mouse click.

Tap anywhere else for left mouse click.

Drag along the right edge to scroll documents and web pages.

Tap twice holding down and dragging your finger on the second tap for highlight and drag-n-drop.

Remember: You never run out of dragging space! If you drag or draw something to the very edge of the touchpad, it automatically senses you are at the edge and gives you 3 seconds to lift up and reposition your finger.

Works with all Microsoft operating systems Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / Windows 8-10 / and 64 bit systems Just plug it in - Plug-n-play for all basic mouse functions and glide extend for unlimited drag-n-drop, Tapping, Double Tapping, Vertical Scrolling, right tap, drag n drop

For Windows 8 through 10 gestures and more Download the free easy to use software for all Windows PCs to get the most powerful and programmable multi touch touchpad on the market. (PLEASE NOTE 2 FINGER SCROLLING AND PANNING IS USUALLY NOT AS ACCURATE OR FAST AS DRAGGING UP AND DOWN ON THE SIDE OF THE TOUCHPAD OR SIDE TO SIDE ON THE BOTTOM WITH ONE FINGER) Multi-Finger Gestures like rotate, zooming, 2 finger right click, panning, and 3 finger flick, Gestures that can be programmed to actually open up shortcuts or programs, assign the upper right tap zone to one of 42 different functions like middle click, cut, paste or enter. Eight different scrolling options including Horizontal, Vertical, Zoom, Back/Forward, Compatible Scroll, Power Scroll, Circular Scroll and Wheel mouse scroll, pointer speed and acceleration to make your cursor fly! TouchGuard gives you added security by Blocking accidental tapping and motion while typing, and Ignore large objects brushing the touchpad. Rotate the touchpad 90, 180 or 279 degrees so you can use it sideways or upside down. Ergo Touchpad Control Center - Click Here to Download

Apple Macintosh, Linux, Google Chromebook:
Works like standard USB mouse Plug-n-Play, Automatically starts working when plugged in! Tapping, Double Tapping, Vertical Scrolling, right tap, drag-n-drop, Glidepoint Glide extend for unlimited dragging (just drag over the edge and continue motion uninterrupted, tap to release) No drivers, downloads or discs needed

Android and Tablets:
Basic mouse functions with most tablets and androids with USB ports, Plug in USB and a cursor arrow appears allowing you to operate tablets more like a computer for situations when touch screen use is not possible or practical. (Please note some tablets like kindles do not support this, you can test by plugging in usb mouse)

Length: 65.00 mm (2.560 inches)
Width: 49.00 mm (1.930 inches)
Thickness without foam pad 6.5 mm (1/4 inches)
Comes with a 6-ft. USB cable.

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