Customer Testimonials


"Just wanted to let you know that I have received your touchpad, and it's wonderful. I am loving how light/small and responsive it is. I'm about to go online and order another one for my husband. I have been playing with lots of positions, and currently have it covering my numeric keypad, which I hardly use. The clip you bent for me is working well for that purpose, holding the touchpad far enough above the keys to keep me from accidentally pressing. Yippee!"

--Michelle Evans
London, England

"I'm a proud owner of one ergonomic touchpad. At first I was sceptical of the claims made in that short video intro at the start page, but now I try to convince everyone I know to also get one."

--Brian McCabe
Austin, TX

"Plastering the little touchpad on the front of my microsoft 4000 ergo keyboard has saved me soooooooooooo much time I wasted reaching for the mouse."

--Patricia Rollins
Atlanta, Georgia

"The Ergo TouchPad is THE ANSWER! It's small, super ergonomic, does the job well and stylish. I will never go back to conventional mice EVER AGAIN"

--Brenda Miller
Chicago, Illinois

"It has arrived and I am delighted. It is everything you promised and I wish I could replace the touchpad in my laptop with it. As it is, I have put the velcro patch for it on the right side of the palm rest so I can securely attach it when the laptop is opn. Great product! Thanks again"

--Jimmy Smith
Alma, Nebraska

"I just received my extra large touchpad with keyboard clips and I must say I'm deeply impressed. I've been suffering from a sore wrist from using my mouse all day for months on end, and this keyboard alleviated the soreness wit hout any loss in efficiency or functionality. In fact, in some ways it's more efficient. The extra large touchpad is large and sensitive enough that I can get around the entire screen from anywhere else with a single swipe. With about a half an hour of practice, I was able to be as accurate with it as I was with my mouse. The scroll function on the side, as well as right clicking and double tapping are all intuitive and easy to perform, and in some ways superior to a regular mouse. In fact, this has COMPLETELY replaced my mouse. I clipped it to the num-pad of my keyboard, which closes the distance between the touchpad and my keys, thus making it faster to go for the pad than for the mouse. Attaching the pad was a snap, although I did use some extra tape to make sure the pad didn't detach (as I have a wireless keyboard). Overall, a very positive experience with very fast shipping (Ordered on Wednesday, arrived on Friday). Worth every penny. Thanks for alleviating what was surely the onset of carpel tunnel syndrome!"

Warsaw, Poland

"This freakin thing is awesome! TINY yet PERFECT, Great for "lounge surfing". I've told everyone about it!"

--Stephan Brown
New South Wales, Australia

"Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today! Just plugged it in and starting using it. Very intuitive and comfortable - It got me thinking 'this would make a great gift for any computer user'! Fun to use and can place it anywhere. It solves my issue of having to reach past the numeric keypad to get to my mouse - much better ergonomic options with your touchpad and a set of keyboard clips. Just put the 'ol mouse in the drawer - maybe I can live without him... we'll see."

--Jake Ryan
Cleveland, Ohio

"Next I will dive into the Control Center software and see what I can tweak. Shipment arrived in good condition and no duties to pay from what I could tell! Beautiful product, keep up the good work."

--Thanks, Jens Kessling
Berlin, Germany

"These are great! This is the 2nd one I bought, to use at home, Thank you"

--Abe Sherman
Los Angeles CA

"I have 2 computers with 3 LCD monitors and a KVM switch to toggle between them. It's great to have a dedicated touchpad attached to my keyboard for the computer monitoring Outlook, RSS feeds and social media apps, and not have to toggle from my work on the other computer. The Control Center software for the touchpad works great, highly configurable and doesn't affect mouse settings. Excellent product, high quality and very fast service. Thank you!"

Southern California

"Well, the mouse is now dead! I love this Touchpad, wish I had bought earlier!!!!"

--Kenneth Sharp
Tampa Bay Florida

"As a side note, my current touchpad has given me no trouble since I emailed you. This thing is so awesome. I can't use a regular mouse and have been stuck buying low quality and expensive keyboards that performed poorly and were difficult to type on for long periods, just because it had a built-in touchpad. Now, I'm using a high-quality keyboard that is a dream to type on and I have the touchpad velcroed exactly where I need it. I am so glad I found the Ergonomic Touchpad."

--Kev S.
Carmel, Indiana

"I only have use of my right thumb, so I place it on a pillow on my lap and use a separate pillow to support my elbow and place my thumb on the pad. By the way, I'm a disabled activist and your products are one of the ways I can use my computer and do all my work. Thank you for putting them out there."

--Kelly Richardson
St. Louis, Missouri

"Thanks, you're a champion. FYI the pads are being used on mining simulators which will be used in very remote locations (literally middle of Australia) to teach kids to operate machinery and get jobs etc. Fascinating stuff. Still conduct rituals etc out there. So the extra pad is going to a good home (hope they can withstand heat as it gets mighty hot out there)."

--Ciao, Martin
Riverside, California

"I would recommend you guys consider marketing this product to exhibit builders, museum display builders and commercial/retail designers. Mounting them in the way we did was really cool and very professional looking. If you like, please feel free to use these photos in your marketing materials."

--Chuck Hall
Des Moines, Iowa

"Works very well with my laptop under both Windows and Linux. Cheap and fast!"

--Bill Mclaughlin
London, England

"We are upgrading our entire exhibit system to the new design over the next 6-12 months. I am sure I'll be back in touch to purchase more of these units as we build up our new inventory. Thanks a lot, and have a great day!"

--Paul Lanz
Hammond, Indiana

"Nothing like working right out of the box! And fast shipping too!"

--Sandy Reed
Prescott Valley, Arizona

"Using on Carputer. Excellent invention, makes Carputer more fun and safe. Thanks. A+"

--Richard Murray
Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

"This item should be available wherever mice are sold - it's that good! Thanks. A+!"

--Timothy Copland
Aledo, Illinois

"Alles Bestens, schneller Versand, tolles Touchpad."

(Everything is the best, fast dispatch, mad Touchpad.)

--Reiner Frank
Düsseldorf, Germany

"The Ergonomic Touchpad is a great product. Works as advertised! AAA+++!"

--Christopher Dijkstra
The Hague, Netherlands

"Coolest gadget ever, I use this in my car computer. It's mounted on my console."

--Mark Waldren
Malvern, New York

"Four touchpads to Norway - the eagle has landed! Just wanted to tell you that I got the four touchpads in the mail today. I have tested two of them on a computer, and they seem to be exactly what I needed for this setup! Thanks for the personal service. If I need more of these you'll hear from me. Have a nice day! :-)"

Oslo, Norway

"Amazing product! Better than my brand new Lenovo, is a must have for Tablets PCs!"

--Anthony Martinez
Mexico City, Mexico

"Oggetto perfetto, venditore perfetto! GRAZIE!"

(Perfect item, perfect vendor! THANK YOU!)

--Marco Boccelli
Rome, Italy

"Absolutely GREAT on my GPS tablet. Super fast shipping. "

--Eric Vogal
New Brunswick Canada

"Just to let you know, the mouse pad arrived today and works wonderfully. I have already installed it into the centre consol of a 1969 Mustang, recessed into the centre pad. It is exactly what I wanted as it appears just like a small coin try."

--Many Thanks, Mick
San Francisco, California