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Questions Contact Phone 212-677-2235 The Ergo Hands Free Touchpad ETP001HFT is a lifeline for many people with disabilities. Whether struggling with R.S.I. repetitive stress injury, carpel tunnel, temporarily recovering from an accident or dealing with more long term afflictions. Capacitive touch sensing means there is no pressure needed just a feather lite touch, move the cursor with ease, no clicking or pressing a button just a lite tap on the surface for left click, right click in the upper right corner, or PC download free software for 2 finger right tap and pan. Used and recommended by occupational therapists the Ergo Touchpad offers several cost efficient options to help make peoples lives a little easier. Helping some with disabilities like MS, Multiple sclerosis, paralysis, quadriplegics and tetraplegic.

All products have a 30 day money back guarantee and are in stock, we pride ourselves on our great customer service. Please contact us with any questions

"I just want to say thanks for this great product! I am a translator and a writer and I have been diagnosed for tendonitis due to the RSI for 2 years now. I use your touchpad with Advantage Kinesis keyboard. Now I do not have to move my arms from the keyboard at all to reach for the mouse and finally the pain is gone!!!!! Thank you again and may you have a lot of happiness in your life."

- Stewart Anderson


Use your computer mouse by lightly grazing your chin across the surface of the Ergonomic Touchpad.

Control your mouse cursor, easy to do left and right click, and scroll. An economical alternative for people who are unable to use their hands. Just plug it in and start using it, works on all computers, simple to use and takes no special training, comes with everything included, Extra large touchpad, flexible clamp-able arm, swivel end for fine adjusts, Will not work correctly through a beard, 30 day money back guarantee!


"I just want to let you know that the touchpads arrived at the school for disabled children in Thailand and they are very happy. They particularly like the hands free touchpad and the remote control touchpad, And thanks again for the deal on the shipping."

Works with all Microsoft operating systems Windows 11, 32 and 64 bit and older 7-8-10 / Vista / XP /2000 / Just plug it in - Plug-n-play for all basic mouse functions and glide extend for unlimited drag-n-drop, Tapping, Double Tapping, Vertical Scrolling, right tap,drag n drop.

For most pre 2024 windows versions check out our control center. Ergo Touchpad Control Center - Click Here to Download

Apple Macintosh, Linux, Google Chromebook:
Scroll up and down by dragging finger across right edge up and down. Works like standard USB mouse Plug-n-Play, Automatically starts working when plugged in! Tapping, Double Tapping, Vertical Scrolling, right tap, drag-n-drop, Glidepoint Glide extend for unlimited dragging (just drag over the edge and continue motion uninterrupted, tap to release) No drivers, downloads or discs needed.

Android and Tablets:
Basic mouse functions with most tablets and androids with USB ports, Plug in USB and a cursor arrow appears allowing you to operate tablets more like a computer for situations when touch screen use is not possible or practical. (Please note some tablets like kindles do not support this, you can test by plugging in usb mouse)

Flexible Arm Length: 61 CM (24 inches)
Touchpad Size - Length: 96.87 mm (3.814 inches)
Width: 78.23 mm (3.08 inches)
Comes with a 6-ft. USB cable.

Mini Touchpad:
Part #: PS2 ETP001MTPPS2
Length: 34.80 mm (1.370 inches)
Width: 28.25 mm (1.112 inches)
Thickness: 5.5 mm (0.21 inches)

Ergo Touchpad:
Part #: ETP001ETP
Length: 65.00 mm (2.560 inches)
Width: 49.00 mm (1.930 inches)
Thickness w/o foam pad 6.5 mm (1/4 inches)

Button Touchpad:
Part #: ETP001BTP
Length: 3.375 inches (85.725 mm)
Width: 2.625 inches (66.675 mm)
Actual working surface area:
Length: 2.56 inches (65.0 mm)
Width: 1.93 inches (49.0 mm)
Thickness 0.5 inches (12.7 mm)

Precision Touchpad for PC Only:
Part #: ETP001PTP
Length: 65.00 mm (2.550 inches)
Width: 105.00 mm (4.125 inches)
Thickness w/o foam pad 6.5 mm (1/4 inches)

Extra Large Touchpad:
Part #: ETP001ELTP
Length: 96.87 mm (3.814 inches)
Width: 78.23 mm (3.080 inches)
Thickness w/o foam pad 6 mm (.25 inches)

Ergonomic Touchpad Size Chart


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