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ETPA Ergonomic Touchpad

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Great For Cars, Trucks and Vans - Control your Tablet or Cell Phone with a Tablet Touchpad ETP001TTP

Do our pads work on your device? If a regular USB mouse works on it then our touchpads will also work, because they work on the same premise

All of our touchpads work on most PC and Android tablets, like the Samsung galaxy and Nexus. Plug in the touchpad and a cursor will appear. This will work at the same time as the touch screen controls. This allows you to get basic functions from a distance without having to physically touch the screen of the tablet. In a car, a work station, a restaurant kitchen, a kiosk the touchpad can do basic pointing and clicking from 6 feet away. (the length of the touchpads USB cable) You will need a inexpensive USB A Female to Micro USB Male adapter found anywhere from Ebay, amazon or Walmart. We recommend a 90 degree end but it is not necessary. This type of adapter allows you to plug in the touchpads larger USB plug into the smaller micro USB port on the tablet. Some tablets like Kindles and Ipads do not support the cursor/mouse function as far as we know. "TEST IT" If you have a basic USB mouse laying around you can test it by plugging it in the tablet and seeing if a cursor appears or not.

Our touchpads come with a Type A USB Plug, to Adapt to A Micro USB Port Found on Most Phones. We recommend you purchase Separately a USB A Female to Micro USB Male 90 Degree Adapter

Used in Autos and Vans, to save you from always reaching up to use your tablets touch screen, run the touchpad wire to a easy to reach spot on your console or dashboard and have basic point and click functions at your fingertips, much more comfortable, faster and potentially safer.

Neil in Canada says.........
I have a nexus 7 tablet in my car, the way my seat is positioned in relation to the tablet I can't easily reach up to use the screen, I have used your trackpad and placed it near my center console to move the screen around/open apps. I use my tablet to track my cars performance with an app, and since there are many pages, I need the trackpad to scroll. I also have maps and music that I switch between frequently, and since I don't want to reach up every time the trackpad works great!

Android and Tablets:
Basic mouse functions with most tablets and androids with USB ports, Plug in USB and a cursor arrow appears allowing you to operate tablets more like a computer for situations when touch screen use is not possible or practical. (Please note some tablets like kindles do not support this, you can test by plugging in usb mouse)

Mini Touchpad:
Length: 34.80 mm (1.370 inches)
Width: 28.25 mm (1.112 inches)
Thickness: 5.5 mm (0.21 inches)

Ergo Touchpad:
Length: 65.00 mm (2.560 inches)
Width: 49.00 mm (1.930 inches)
Thickness w/o foam pad 6.5 mm (1/4 inches)

Button Pad:
Length: 3.375 inches (85.725 mm)
Width: 2.625 inches (66.675 mm)
Actual working surface area:
Length: 2.56 inches (65.0 mm)
Width: 1.93 inches (49.0 mm)
Thickness 0.5 inches (12.7 mm)

Precision Touchpad for PC Only:
Length: 65.00 mm (2.550 inches)
Width: 105.00 mm (4.125 inches)
Thickness w/o foam pad 6.5 mm (1/4 inches)

Extra Large:
Length: 96.87 mm (3.814 inches)
Width: 78.23 mm (3.080 inches)
Thickness w/o foam pad 6 mm (.25 inches)

Ergonomic Touchpad Size Chart